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Aluminum TV frame aluminium extrusion manufacturers丨AL Aluminum

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AL Aluminum




Audio panel, suitable for large stage audio, KTV

audio, cinema, home theater





Processing Service

Bending,Decoiling,Welding,Punching,Cutting, Broaching, drilling, etching/chemical processing, laser processing, milling, other processing services, rapid prototyping, turning, wire cutting

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15-21 days


Custom made

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Supply Ability 40000 Ton/Tons per Year

Packing Method

Packaging :Detailswooden case, cardboard carton, EPE protective film, or as required



This is a high end precision quality unmanned drone unmanned aerial vehicle aluminum profile frame.

Aluminum-based materials are an option for making drone frames. There are many advantages as following:

1. Lightweight and high strength. Aluminum alloy materials are mostly hollow-core thin-wall composite sections, which are convenient to use, reduce weight, and have high bending strength. Durable, small deformation.


2. Good airtight performance. Airtightness is an important performance index of unmanned aircraft, and its airtightness, watertightness and sound insulation performance are all good.


3. Corrosion resistant, easy to use and maintain. No rust, no fading, low maintenance cost.


4. High strength, good rigidity, sturdiness and durability.


5. Easy to paint-easy to make the paint film adhere. If processed properly, the surface durability is strong, which is comparable to the car surface paint.


6. Easy to install-because it is very light, the installation is much lighter.


The unmanned drone aluminum profile frame is made by extrusion and CNC machining. There are four ways to CNC processing aluminum: coloring, cutting, punching, and tapping:


1. Coloring: coloring the extruded industrial aluminum material, choosing the color that the customer needs for anodizing or spraying surface treatment. Generally, most of the industrial aluminum materials on the market are silver-white, that is, the natural color of aluminum, which is mainly transparent anodized.


2. Cutting, when the industrial aluminum is extruded, it is 6.02 meters, but in actual application, there are lengths and shorts. It is necessary to specify the length or the angle according to the design of the frame. Here it is necessary to use a cutting machine to cut industrial aluminum. Cut according to different sizes and angles.


3. Tapping: For drilling, some industrial aluminum frames need to place bolts on the aluminum profile during the assembly and connection process (the whole thread passes through the section of the profile) to install the plate or another aluminum profile, which requires the aluminum profile Make a hole punch. Not only the aluminum material needs to be punched, but also the bottom plate and the surrounding baffle that need to be installed.


4. Thread: thread tapping is also called tapping and tapping. It is a processing method that cannot be ignored for industrial aluminum. Tapping is to drill holes according to the size of the hole where the bolts are to be installed. The hole wall is not smooth, but has a circle of thread patterns, which can just be fixed by rotating the screw.


Industrial aluminum is actually an aluminum alloy profile that is extruded and colored from an aluminum rod, and is currently used in various fields. The heroic ways of industrial aluminum are also diversified. Some are used as the support of the production line, some are used as the frame of the workbench, and some are the protective fence of the workshop equipment and so on. To customize this diversified frame product, industrial aluminum processing is essential.


We customize these aluminum profiles for high-end precision technology and craftsmanship. Please send me your drawings or samples to get the best quotation and high quality.

AL Aluminum is a professional aluminum profile supplier with 15 years of experience, focusing on industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum die-casting, aluminum heat sinks, sheet metal parts, led aluminum profiles, cnc processing, tube aluminum, square aluminum, aluminum audio panels, aluminum TV frame.

Our company specializes in the development of OEM customized various aluminum profiles, has a number of advanced aluminum profile production lines, has a variety of professional machinery and equipment, a variety of aluminum product surface treatment processes, ultra-high precision sheet metal parts production technology, has won a variety of Certificate of honor and invention patent. We look forward to win-win cooperation with you!

What are the benefits of working with you? What are the benefits of working with you?

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C. We will give various preferential policies from time to time for long-term cooperation with old customers.
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Are you a factory or trading company? Are you a factory or trading company?

A. We are the factory, and can provide one-stop service for all of our customers, from material to various surface treatments, from technical sales to shipping and after-sales. So as to save the cost for clients, control the quality and lead time, provide the best services.