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OEM Aluminum Extrusion Aluminum Mechanical Keyboard CNC Machining Anodized丨AL Aluminum

Basic Information


AL Aluminum




Audio panel, suitable for large stage audio, KTV

audio, cinema, home theater





Processing Service

Bending,Decoiling,Welding,Punching,Cutting, Broaching, drilling, etching/chemical processing, laser processing, milling, other processing services, rapid prototyping, turning, wire cutting

Delivery Date  

15-21 days


Custom made

Supply Capacity  

Supply Ability 40000 Ton/Tons per Year

Packing Method

Packaging :Detailswooden case, cardboard carton, EPE protective film, or as required



This is customization aluminum keyboard CNC machining anodized in various color. We can make all colors and size as your requirement.

The side of the keyboard is made of integrated aluminum alloy, and the metal on the edge is chamfered, so even if you touch it with your hands, you won’t feel knocked. The whole keyboard shell is processed by CNC technology, all aluminum alloy cnc is cut in one piece, and anodized treatment is added. The dimensional tolerance is within ±0.02MM.

The aluminum alloy shell used in the keyboard is really delicate, heavy, and has a good touch. Cost-effective.

Aluminum products are widely used in aerospace, rail transit, precision molds, machinery and equipment, precision electronics and other industries.

Compared with other metals, aluminum has the advantage of being lighter and portable. Aluminum plate has good oxidation resistance. Therefore, it is used in notebook keyboards and has good corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Aluminum and others Compared with metal cost, it is relatively more applicable.

Aluminum keyboard materials are generally hard, so use on a notebook to ensure that the appearance of the keyboard will not be deformed. In addition, aluminum has a good coloring function. The appearance of the keyboard can be customized according to the customer's preferences in colorful colors, and the appearance is gorgeous Colorful, deeply loved by consumers.
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Aluminum profile keyboard product advantage :
1.Aluminum profile keyboard has low density and light weight, compared with other non-ferrous metals, aluminum keybord can obtain lighter weight and better structural heat dissipation.

2.Strong plasticity, good productivity and good casting performance. We know that the process of aluminum profile keyboard is formed by hot extrusion and CNC process. If it is made of iron, it is difficult to realize in the existing process. The easy cutting performance of aluminum is much higher than that of ferrous metal.

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3.Strong corrosion resistance, easy surface treatment. General iron parts are easy to combine with water in the air and produce oxidation and rust, but this problem does not exist on the aluminum keyboard. Aluminum parts have good oxidation resistance and can form an oxide film to prevent metal corrosion in humid air. And after surface treatment, it will adapt to a variety of scenarios.

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4.Economy of aluminum profile keyboard, we know that aluminum has a good performance price ratio. Compared with copper and other non-ferrous metals, it has a more price advantage. Compared with the same weight, copper is four times more expensive than aluminum. With the development of electrolytic aluminum technology, the price of aluminum has an undisputed advantage in the future. And the recovery value of aluminum is quite high.

Our company can customize according to your demand, like mechanical parts processing, CNC aluminum products processing, CNC aluminum processing, CNC precision machining, CNC processing customization and etc. Then mass production of samples and rapid production of samples. We guarantee high quality and high precision.

We customize these aluminum profiles for high-end precision technology and craftsmanship. We can make all kinds of aluminum profile as your drawings or sample. Please feel free to send me your requirements details to get the best quotation and high quality.

AL Aluminum is a professional aluminum profile supplier with 15 years of experience, focusing on industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum die-casting, aluminum heat sinks, sheet metal parts, led aluminum profiles, cnc processing, tube aluminum, square aluminum, aluminum audio panels, aluminum TV frame.

Our company specializes in the development of OEM customized various aluminum profiles, has a number of advanced aluminum profile production lines, has a variety of professional machinery and equipment, a variety of aluminum product surface treatment processes, ultra-high precision sheet metal parts production technology, has won a variety of Certificate of honor and invention patent. We look forward to win-win cooperation with you!

What are the benefits of working with you? What are the benefits of working with you?

A. Production time and product quality are stable, customers do not need to spend a lot of time to find other suppliers.
B. We have a strong service system and a professional service team to provide you with 24-hour service. We provide not only high-quality products but also our professional services.
C. We will give various preferential policies from time to time for long-term cooperation with old customers.
D. We have complete product information that can be provided to customers to help customers promote OEM products.

Are you a factory or trading company? Are you a factory or trading company?

A. We are the factory, and can provide one-stop service for all of our customers, from material to various surface treatments, from technical sales to shipping and after-sales. So as to save the cost for clients, control the quality and lead time, provide the best services.