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What Is The Quality Identification Method Of Aluminum Profile?


In computer vision, deep learning targets are usually natural images including pedestrians, vehicles, animals, and human faces, but studies of detecting surface defects on aluminium profiles using deep learning are scarce. In this work, Krizhevsky and co-authors proposed a multiscale defect detection network to detect surface defects in aluminium profiles, based on CNNs. Currently, surface treatments methods of aluminium profiles used in doors and windows mostly involve anodizing, electrophoresis, powder-coating, and powder-coating with wood grains. 

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In the field inspection, acid etching technique, that is, using acetone for cleaning aluminum profile surfaces for oil and dust removal, is commonly used. This paper presents an alkali-drop test, which is, in 35+-1, dropping a solution of sodium hydroxide about 10 mg & 100 g/L onto aluminum profiles surfaces, visual inspecting till the corrosion bubbles are formed, and the time for oxidation films to penetrate was calculated. That is, at 35 +- 1, drop about 10mg, 100g/L NaOH solution on the surface of aluminum profiles, visually inspect droplets until corrosion bubbles are formed, and compute the penetration time of the oxide film. 

If an aluminum extrusion producer uses the domestic 6063 aluminium ingot, then the quality of the raw materials is guaranteed. A very important part of the production process of the aluminum extrusions and quality assurance is to check that the parts that we produce are meeting the customers dimension requirements. Aluminum bars have innumerable applications in construction and manufacturing industries, so each products quality needs to be flawless. 

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The surface finish on extruded products is flawless, and generally speaking, these products are stronger than cast aluminium. One of the most commonly used options to extrude aluminium alloys is alloy 6063, which offers high-quality finishes and is a great choice for extrusion. When extruding aluminium alloys like alloy 6463, you will achieve great results when using it for bars, tubes, rods, wires, and other types of custom profiles. 

Aluminum 6005 can be used for designs requiring a high-quality corrosion-resistant property as well as a moderate amount of strength. From the surface, good quality aluminium billets are smooth, free of oils, scratches, or black spots. As customer demands on aluminium profiles are increasing, aluminum billet materials are playing an important role in extrusion quality. 

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During production of the aluminium extrusion profiles, some defect will occur due to malfunctions of the extrusion machinery and the wrong operation procedure. The ageing process will further harden the extruded profiles and make sure that they meet the specified mechanical properties of individual alloys. Aluminium alloys in extruded form are readily damaged by outside forces as the surfaces are relatively soft, and additional care is required to avoid undesired damage, which could result in an extruded profile being considered rejected (an unacceptable product which does not meet standards or client specifications).

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