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How to improve the quality of aluminum alloy extrusion effectively?


Does aluminum alloy extrusion need a mold? What is an aluminum alloy extrusion mold?

Generally, aluminum extrusion dies are divided into flat dies (solid), split dies (hollow) and combined dies.

Plane mold includes: overall mold, diversion mold, mold surface (die cushion).

profile aluminum extrusion

Splitter mold includes: false splitter, closed mold, suspension bridge mold, deflector type three-piece set. According to whether the welding chamber is on the upper mold or the lower mold, it can be divided into upper welding chamber or lower welding chamber.

According to the output count, it can also be divided into one output one, one output several and so on.

Aluminum alloy extrusion thermoforming process

Aluminium heat sink

1.First, hang the aluminum rod to the material rack of the long rod hot shearing furnace, so that the aluminum rod is flat on the material rack. Ensure that there is no stacking of rods to avoid accidents and mechanical failures;

2. It is recommended to store 12 aluminum rods on the furnace face to standardize the operation of aluminum rods into the furnace. Heating, constant mixing and heating for about 3.5 hours, the temperature can reach about 480°C (normal production temperature), and production can be carried out after 1 hour of heat preservation;

3. While heating the aluminum rod, place the mold in the mold furnace for heating! (around 480°C):

4. After the aluminum rod and the mold are heated and kept warm, put the mold into the mold base of the extrusion machine:

5. Operate the long rod hot shear furnace to shear and transport the aluminum rod to the raw material inlet of the extruder

6. Put in the extrusion pad and operate the extruder to extrude the raw materials:

7. The profile enters the cooling air stage through the extrusion discharge hole, and is drawn and sawed by the tractor to a fixed length. ;

8. The cooling bed transfer table transports the aluminum profiles to the adjustment station, and adjusts and corrects the aluminum profiles:

9. The rectified aluminum profile is transported to the finished product table by the conveyor table for sawing to a fixed length;

10. Workers will frame the finished aluminum profiles and transport them to the aging charge car;

11. Operate the aging furnace to push the finished aluminum profile into the furnace for aging, about 200 ℃, keep warm for 2 hours;

12. After cooling out of the furnace, what is obtained is the finished aluminum profile with the hardness and size up to the standard.

Industrial Aluminum Extrusion

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