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How to distinguish the quality of aluminum alloy signs

January 01, 1970

Aluminum alloy signs are also called hangtags, nameplates, hangtags, communication aluminum alloy signs, cable hangtags, optical cable hangtags, etc. It is a kind of office consumables, which are widely used in the fields of electricity, power supply, communication, engineering, hardware, office and so on.

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Aluminum alloy signs can be handwritten with an oil-based pen, but if there are a large number of aluminum alloy signs, handwriting will be cumbersome and time-consuming. Usually, if there are a large number of aluminum alloy signs, use an aluminum alloy sign machine to print, saving time and ensuring quality.

As a relatively common office consumable, the quantity that needs to be consumed is very large. Many people don't pay attention to the quality of aluminum alloy signs when they buy aluminum alloy signs. They think that the quality of aluminum alloy signs is similar, but in fact there is a big difference between good aluminum alloy signs and poor quality aluminum alloy signs. How to distinguish the quality of aluminum alloy signs, and what is the difference?

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High-quality aluminum alloy signs are generally more expensive in terms of price. After all, the applicable materials are different and the quality is also different. First of all, a good aluminum alloy sign must be suitable for the production of new materials. The white is pure and smooth, the texture is relatively good, and it is not easy to break with the hand. This kind of aluminum alloy sign can guarantee a long life cycle whether it is used indoors or outdoors. Poor quality aluminum alloy signs may be recast with recycled secondary materials, the colors are messy, thin and easy to break, this kind of aluminum alloy signs has a short service life, and they will be scrapped soon after being exposed to sunlight or wind and rain.

A good aluminum alloy sign has a smooth surface without particles and impurities, which can be seen at a glance. The smooth surface of the card has two advantages. First, whether it is handwritten or printed by the aluminum alloy sign machine, it is convenient and clear; second, it does not hurt the print head of the aluminum alloy sign machine. It is not worth the loss to replace the print head for a few aluminum alloy signs. Poor miscellaneous aluminum alloy signs look uneven, the printing is blurred, and the print head is damaged.

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There are very few burrs on the four sides of a good aluminum alloy sign. You can know by touching the edge with your hands. If there are many burrs, it will damage the print head of the aluminum alloy sign machine. Whether the aluminum alloy sign has burrs or not is related to the production skills of the aluminum alloy sign manufacturer. Some aluminum alloy signs that use plastic molds or hand-cut, have more burrs, and the use effect is not good.

Therefore, when buying aluminum alloy signs, we must pay attention to the quality of aluminum alloy signs.

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January 01, 1970

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