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How To Deal With Aluminum Profile After Oxidation

January 01, 1970

How to deal with Aluminum Profileafter oxidation

Aluminum Profile post-oxidation process should pay attention to the four points:

(1) hot water rinse. Hot water wash is aimed at aging the film. But the water temperature and time to strictly control the water temperature is too high film thinning, the color fades. Industrial Aluminum Profile time is too long will appear similar problems, the appropriate temperature and time is: temperature 40 ~ 50 ℃ time 0.5 ~ 1MIN.

(2) dry. Dry to dry naturally as well, by hot water washed barley of the workpiece oblique hanging on the shelf, so that the surface of the free water to the vertical direction down the flow. Flow to the lower corner of the water droplets with a towel to absorb, according to this method to dry the film color is not affected, it is natural.

Industrial Aluminum Profile

(3) aging. Aluminum Profile aging method can be determined according to climatic conditions, with daylight in the sun can be exposed to sunlight, rain

y days or winter can be oven baking, the process conditions are: temperature 40 ~ 50 ℃ time 10 ~ 15min.

(4) rework of unqualified pieces. Unqualified conductive oxide film should be in the dry, aging process before picking out, due to dry, aging film is more difficult to recover and will affect the surface roughness of the workpiece. The author of the problem in the process of a number of exploration, a variety of methods of testing and found that the use of the following methods work well, the method is simple, without affecting the workpiece surface quality, the specific process is as follows.

LED aluminum shell power box profile

First, the unqualified workpiece in the Aluminum Profile anodizing fixture, and then Aluminum Profile Aluminum Profile in the sulfuric acid solution in the anodic oxidation method for 2 ~ 3min, until the film is soft, off, and then by the lye slightly After cleaning and nitric acid, the conductive anodic can be re-conducted.

The heating rate is such that the ingot does not cause cracking and excessive deformation. The holding time of the holding time should ensure a certain annealing temperature, so that the non-equilibrium phase is dissolved and the segregation is removed within the crystal, but should be based on alloy characteristics, ingot size, segregation degree, shape and size and distribution of the second phase, heating equipment and temperature , To determine the length of the holding time.

Practice has proved that the rate of homogenization process with time, but by the large step by step. Therefore, excessive insulation time is not appropriate, will make the metal burning and energy consumption increase, reduce productivity. After the cooling rate is homogenized, the ingot may be cooled with the furnace or air cooled.

Industrial Aluminum Profile cooling rate of hard Aluminum Profile and so should not be too fast, so as to avoid quenching effect. The ingot homogenization annealing may be carried out separately or in combination with preheating heating. The ingot is heated to the homogenization annealing temperature, after a certain period of time to heat the hot rolling temperature, followed by hot rolling, both to reduce the process, but also save energy.

However, the industrial Aluminum Profile homogenization annealing temperature is high, long time and energy consumption, the composition is simple, segregation is not serious and good plastic alloy, do not have to be homogenized. General super-hard Aluminum Profile alloy, hard Aluminum Profile, forged Aluminum Profile and rust-proof Aluminum Profile are required to be homogenized annealing.

 In recent years, the Aluminum Profile plant in China's Aluminum Profile industry in close connection with the needs of the market and scientific development, the traditional Aluminum Profile materials have been gradually completed the transformation of modern Aluminum Profile materials, so China's Aluminum Profile varieties have undergone tremendous changes.

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Aluminum Profile products of China's Aluminum Profile materials is an important feature of high-performance, high precision, energy saving, environmental protection direction, many products have become well-known brands at home and abroad, in the domestic and international market reputation; steady improvement in product quality, product standards Has been in the international advanced ranks, the major Aluminum Profile manufacturers in addition to national standards of production, are directly accepted by the world's advanced national standards requirements of the order.

This shows that China's Aluminum Profile production has been further international production, but also to meet the national economy and science and technology on the high demand for high-precision Aluminum Profile, the major Aluminum Profile enterprises have developed a number of internal supply technical standards accordingly.

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January 01, 1970

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