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The difference between sand blasting and shot blasting in surface treatment of die castings


After aluminum alloy die castings and zinc alloy die castings come out, they are generally shot blasted or sand blasted, which is also a common surface treatment.

Shot peening has high efficiency, but there will be dead angles, while sand blasting is more flexible, but consumes a lot of power.

Aluminum Shot peening

Sand blasting uses high-pressure wind as power, while shot blasting is generally a high-speed rotating flywheel that ejects steel sand at high speed.

Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers

The surface quality of castings obtained by shot peening is not as good as sand blasting, but it is more economical than sand blasting. And it can remove the sticky sand that some 

castings are difficult to clean, but sandblasting can't.

Sand blasting and shot peening are two different surface hardening processes. The hardness of sand blasting is lower than that of shot peening, and the tools used are also different!

Sand blasting and shot peening are basically the difference between the two blasting media, and of course the effect is also different.

Sand blasting is relatively fine, easy to control accuracy and flatness

Shot peening is more economical and practical, easy to control efficiency and cost, and can control the diameter of iron shot to control the spray effect

1. Characteristics of shot blasting

1. Metal or non-metal projectiles can be used arbitrarily to meet the different requirements for cleaning the surface of the workpiece;

2. The flexibility of cleaning is large, and it is easy to clean the inner and outer surfaces of complex workpieces and the inner wall of pipe fittings, and it is not limited by the site, 

and the equipment can be placed near extra-large workpieces;

3. The equipment structure is relatively simple, the investment of the whole machine is small, the wearing parts are few, and the maintenance cost is low;

4. It must be equipped with a high-power air compressor station, which consumes more energy under the same cleaning effect;

5. The cleaning surface is prone to moisture and rust easily;

6. Low cleaning efficiency, many operators and high labor intensity.

Second, the characteristics of shot blasting

1. High cleaning efficiency, low cost, less operators, easy mechanization, suitable for mass production;

2. No compressed air is used to accelerate the projectile, so there is no need to set up a powerful air compressor station, and the cleaned surface is also free of moisture;

3. Poor flexibility, limited by the site, some blindness when cleaning the workpiece, easy to produce dead angles on the surface of the workpiece that cannot be cleaned;

4. The structure of the equipment is relatively complex, and there are many wearing parts, especially the blades and other parts wear out quickly, and the maintenance 

man-hours are many and the cost is high;

5. In general, light and small projectiles cannot be used.