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What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is a subtractive manufacturing process that forms parts from thin metal sheets. Engineers often choose sheet metal parts for their high precision and durability, especially for end-use applications like chassis, enclosures, and brackets.

This product is the sheet metal of the TV display box, which is mainly formed by various processes such as stamping, bending, riveting, welding, etc. The material is characterized by light weight, high strength, good conductivity, low cost and good mass production performance.

precision sheet metal fabrication

Our online sheet metal fabrication services provide a fast and cost-effective solution for any parts that need to be made from 3D CAD files or engineering drawings. We offers a range of sheet metal materials, including aluminum, copper, steel, and stainless steel, as well as assembly services like installing PEM inserts, welding, and finishing services. With a network of domestic and overseas fabricators, We can supply any quantity of sheet metal parts from low-volume, high-mix prototypes to high-volume production runs. We offers competitive, custom sheet metal fabricating prices for low volume prototypes and cost savings for high volume production runs.

precision sheet metal fabrication

precision sheet metal fabrication

What services do we provide?

Sheet Cutting Services

Upload your CAD files to get an instant quote for laser cutting or waterjet cut prototypes and production parts. No minimums. Lead times as fast as 1 day and free standard shipping on all US orders.


Custom Online Laser Cutting Service

High-quality Laser Cut Parts in Days Not Weeks | Free Standard Shipping on All US Orders


Online Waterjet Cutting Service

Instant Quotes and Cost-effective, On-demand Fabrication | Free Standard Shipping on All US Orders


Plasma Cutting Service

Custom Plasma Cutting for Prototyping and Production Part Fabrication | Free Standard Shipping on All US Orders


What is Sheet Metal Forming?

Sheet stock is procured in a flat state and cut then formed into its final state through a series of progressive steps. For a typical sheet metal project, the first step is equivalent to sheet cutting, where a shear, laser, waterjet, plasma, or punch press is used to create the internal holes and edge features of the part. This process is also known as blanking.

AL Aluminum is a professional aluminum profile supplier and metal aluminum nameplate supplier with 15 years of experience, focusing on industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum die-casting, aluminum radiators, sheet metal parts, led aluminum profiles, numerical control processing, tube aluminum, square aluminum, aluminum audio panel, aluminum TV frame.

Our company specializes in the development of OEM customized aluminum profiles, has many advanced aluminum profile production lines, has a variety of professional mechanical equipment, a variety of aluminum product surface treatment processes, ultra-high precision sheet metal production technology, and has obtained a number of honorary certificates and invention patents. We look forward to win-win cooperation with you!

Quels sont les avantages de travailler avec vous?

A. le temps de Production et la qualité du produit sont stables, les clients n’ont pas besoin de passer beaucoup de temps à trouver d’autres fournisseurs.
B. nous avons un système de service solide et une équipe professionnelle pour vous fournir un service 24 heures sur 24. Nous fournissons non seulement des produits de haute qualité, mais aussi nos services professionnels.
C. nous accorderons de temps à autre diverses politiques préférentielles pour une coopération à long terme avec les anciens clients.
D. nous disposons d’informations complètes sur les produits qui peuvent être fournies aux clients pour les aider à promouvoir les produits OEM.

Vous êtes une usine ou une société commerciale?

A. nous sommes l’usine, et nous pouvons offrir un service unique à tous nos clients, des matériaux aux divers traitements de surface, des ventes techniques au transport maritime et aux services après-vente. Afin de réduire les coûts pour les clients, de contrôler la qualité et les délais, de fournir les meilleurs services.