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AL Aluminum丨Mexico Customer feedback

March 25, 2023

This customer customized a v-groove aluminum profile for cnc laser cutting equipment. Since long-term cooperation, we have established mutual trust and thanked him for his strong support. I hope this product can bring him a good economy. benefit. We made sure to give him complete control over quality and delivery time without a single mistake.

Customer Feedback Content:This cooperation with Guangdong Aluminum Application Company is very pleasant. They mainly customize mid-to-high-end products. As an industrial aluminum profile manufacturer with more than 15 years of service experience, they let me see their professionalism, reasonable price and quality. 

Excellent, pre-sale and after-sale service is in place, every link has professional personnel to check in place, so that I can give them the order with confidence, the most important thing is the delivery time, every stage can be given to me in time Feedback, if there is any problem in the process, I can communicate with me in time, and it can be solved very quickly. When inspecting the factory, the packaging is no problem, and the workers can also be very careful in the processing of the product without making mistakes, on the basis of our requirements, we can keep improving and even do better. 

We mainly sourced in Europe before, and have never been exposed to the Chinese market. Indeed, this time we have a brighter feeling. Things made in China are still guaranteed, and I believe we can still maintain a relatively friendly partnership and are a reliable Chinese supplier.

March 25, 2023

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